“Certified organic here at Craigengillan since 2003”


On the 20th November, our first litter of piglets were born.


Here they are having a snooze in the straw keeping warm.


Two females and a male.

Here at Craigengillan, our Organic enterprise is forever growing. We have recently started breeding Oxford and Sandy Black pigs. We have 6 Oxford Sandy Black pig gilts running with Gus the boar, all due from November onwards.

Piglets will be available at weaning, or can be finished and butchered here for your needs.


Our Blackface sheep herd is thriving, with 600 breeding ewes, with this years lambs available for purchasing.

Store lambs available now, or we can finish them on our grasses here, with the option of Full or half butchered lambs available.

To quote the well known writer Daniel Defoe in 1724 referring to the cattle of the Highlands of Scotland  “These Scots ‘runts’ as they call them, coming out of the cold barren mountains of the Highlands of Scotland, feed so eagerly on the rich pastures of its marshes that they thus in an unusual manner grow monstrously fat and the beef is so delicious for taste that the inhabitants prefer them to the English cattle.


 Our Pedigree Highland fold is ever growing, with 5 pedigree calves due 2021. Bull calves will be available to purchase, whereas, 2021 heifer calves are being kept as replacements.


Our Aberdeen Angus bred cattle have arrived, with 13 cows in calf for next year.